Artist's Statement

Thought. Pure thought. To take an idea from ones brain and transform it to reality, a three-dimensional object is as exciting as it gets. Place these "thoughts" in a position where they are viewed by others and, like a virus, the thoughts are soon infecting the viewers. There are no negatives. The viewer hates the piece or loves it. Still, the process started in my brain, touching and infecting others. To view a piece of artwork takes time, effort and consideration. If you are a viewer of art, in my opinion, the artist has already succeeded.

As a sculptor I have found that there is a whole world of materials at my disposal to transform my ideas to reality. I have used clay, paper, plastic, glass, steel, bronze, wood, canvas, wax, foam and many other materials. It is not that I choose these materials insomuch as they choose me. A school of fish made of steel or bronze is fine for a wall hanging piece, but paper or plastic seems to make more sense. Logical thinking is a time saving process. To be married to a media seems very limiting indeed. To pass an idea on to another person is my objective; not "Oh look what I can do", but "THINK about this."

Although people often seem to bring their own ideas to pieces I have made, I do not take offense, for what else are they to bring? I once took the time to meticulously explain an idea I was trying to convey with a certain piece to some viewers only to find that one of the spectators had an equally interesting idea. I viewed my piece with a completely new perspective. It doesn't get any better than that!


  • Cal State San Bernardino- Bachelor of Arts- 1989: Art Education with Sculpture concentration

Relevant Work History

  • Heart Institute of the Desert - Lead Sculptor and Exhibit Builder
  • Elaine Horwitch Galleries - Gallery Setup and Art Installations
  • Cal State San Bernardino, Art Dept. - Sculpting Teacher's Aid
  • CSUSB Gallery II - Accreditation Committee Show Volunteer
  • CSUSB - Congressional Art Competition Volunteer

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